Jack Tyrrell specializes in Kakaako, Honolulu, Hawaii luxury condo projects.

“I had my Hokua apartment listed with Jack Tyrrell & Company (JTC). In 4-month time it was sold at a good market price. This was possible because JTC is a boutique company that understands very well the market of Hawaii high-end luxury properties, providing special concentrated attention to each client, with well thought of, innovative, planned and implemented marketing and sales activities, in addition to responsive and organized client communications. All those are undertaken with the client’s interests in mind. It was a great ‘partnership’, in which JTC exceeded my high expectations. I definitely will use JTC for all my future real estate needs and highly recommend to clients selling or buying properties, who desire special close and responsive attention to their specific needs and requirements, and who seek achieving positive results. (satisfied Hokua client)”
(Sept 2014)